As a company, you will be reaching to more people locally such as in friendly games, tournaments, daily web visitors at our Page, and homes of our players, and relatives.

In the Academy’s Home Page, your Logo will be placed for the period of time that was signed in the contract. This Logo will have a direct link to your Official Page so that visitors could have a better idea who our Sponsors are, and the services they provide to our Community on a daily basis.

We will make an official announcement through the Academy’s social medias about the partnership between both organizations. This will give you a good start as far as it goes for long term exposure of your services on this Season 2018-19.

Any promotional material made by our Academy on this Season 2018-19 such as banners, flyers, announcements, among others, they will have your Logo placed on them.

There will be a record of your contribution as a Sponsor in our archives, and social medias in order to provide your company with a long term of exposure for the years to come. Visitors, and other entities will always be able to find you, and your services in the Season 2018-19 as a Sponsor for the Academy.


(Web, Competition and Training Uniform Presence)

GOLD $3000
(Web, Competition and Training Uniform Presence)

SILVER $2000
(Web, Competition and Training Uniform Presence)

(Web Presence)


An official announcement will be made in the academy’s social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube of this partnership agreement. In addition, your LOGO will be placed at the Academy’s Home Page Website with a direct link to your preference.


At the moment we currently have almost 100 players registered within the academy. Once contract has been signed by both parties, all training uniforms that are sold from the moment contract was signed, they will carry your LOGO on each practice during the season 2018-19 that ends on June 1st, 2019, practices are held three times a week. On top of this benefit, you will be getting as a “thank you” more exposure after the Regular Season ends up on June 1st, 2019, and that is when our “Soccer Development Program” starts, and it goes until August 31st, 2019. All new contracts for the Season 2018-19 will start on the very first week of September.


All Competition Uniforms that are purchased after contract is signed, they will carry your LOGO. An average of 10 games are played by each category that is registered in tournaments.